Yellow Pages: Sophrology always in mind!

The latest barometer * of Yellow Pages confirms the clear progression of alternative techniques for research in terms of care and health.

Since the beginning of the decade, consultations via Yellow Pages to find a sophrologist, magnetizer or hypnotherapist practitioner have continued to progress. Last year, hypnotherapists also had the wind in their sails, showing the largest increase, with more than 60% of consultation compared to 2013. These figures confirm the recent craze of the French for so-called alternative or gentler techniques. .

If hypnosis is booming, compared to the total number of requests, Sophrology remains, this year again, the most requested technique with no less than 735,000 searches saved.

Of course, like any barometer, these figures only illustrate the growing interest in one technique over another. However, they deserve to be compared with the number of active sophrologists and the rate of attendance in offices or specialized structures. Dangerous figures to obtain since, to date, professional organizations have only estimates on the number of sophrologists practicing in France. In addition, the practice of the method remains plural. She is in fact as much in demand in a therapeutic approach with an individual practice, as in group sessions like yoga, taiqi or qigong, in a simple quest for well-being.

Crossovers which could then turn out to be hazardous in view of the different expectations of the people who practice it. These figures remain positive, however, and underline the interest of the French people in sophrology and its simple and effective techniques to alleviate everyday disorders or even more serious problems.


(*) Barometer carried out by Yellow Pages, carried out on 245 million searches of health professionals carried out in metropolitan France on the site and concerning the health professionals referenced on