Assessment of the Maison de la SEP 2012

May 30th took place World Multiple Sclerosis Day. On this occasion were created in larger cities of France MS houses.

For the first time sophrologists were invited to participate in this meeting. Sophrology workshops were set up to allow patients to discover the benefits of the method on the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Biogen Idec, the laboratory engaged in the fight against MS, has just published a brief report on these contacts and these exchanges between patients and stakeholders within the Homes.

The document indicates in particular that the participants gave an average score of 8.5 / 10 to the interest and quality of exchanges.

The objectives of the sophrology workshops were to:

– To alleviate the pains and to alleviate the anxieties due to the repercussions of the disease on the patient’s daily life and to alleviate the pains.

– To allow patients to regain confidence in their bodies, by working with them and not by fighting against them.

Here is the full press release issued in early July.

You have participated in these meetings in the MS Homes and you wish to testify on the exchanges that you may have had with other patients and the sophrologist stakeholders, you can contact us using the form.