sophrology to ease eye fatigue

The causes of the fatigue ocular are very diverse and often depend on each person. However, certain situations favor1 appearance of this exhaustion: too long driving time, poor lighting or even glasses not adapted to the vision. And at the top of that list is heightened exposure to screens. Whether it’s a computer, a television or a telephone, screens have a very significant impact on the eyes. Moreover, this exhibition has been all the more significant for several years, with the arrival of the revolution digital which allowed the screens to settle in the professional and personal life of the population.

This revolution digital has many benefits, however this exposure to screens increase the risk of disorders of the vision2 and therefore greatly promotes fatigue ocular. The more a person is exposed to screensthe more the latter is likely to feel discomfort or fatigue ocular.

This exhaustion can then have consequences3 on the health in general: migraines, sleep disorders, myopia, etc. It is therefore important to prevent these risks of fatigue ocular avoiding too much exposure to screens. Additionally, it is possible to use the sophrology to calm the repercussions on the body.