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sophrology to ease eye fatigue

The causes of the fatigue ocular are very diverse and often depend on each person. However, certain situations favor1 appearance of this exhaustion: too long driving time, poor lighting or even glasses not adapted to the vision. And at the top of that list is heightened exposure to screens. Whether it's a computer, a television [...]


Sophrology, a first large-scale scientific study!

The objective of this interventional study is to assess "the effects of sophrology at the caregivers of people with Alzheimer's disease ». In sum, the research will therefore relate to people using the sophrology to solve this problem. This will highlight the benefits of sophrology and its impact on people with fragility. Indeed, this study [...]

Sophrology, a tool to better live the menopause!

Menopause represents a radical change in a woman's life since it brings with it its share of upheavals. These are often difficult to bear on a daily basis, so it is possible to use sophrology which is a very good method to reduce these symptoms. Menopause: a radical change [...] The article Sophrology, a tool [...]


develop your well-being through positive thinking!

The sophrology is well placed to speak and practice positive thinking. Indeed, one of the bases of sophrology is precisely the use of the method Couethe tool for self-suggestion and thought positive par excellence. Being accompanied by a sophrologistit is indeed possible to change one's perception of things in order to see the world in [...]

sophrology takes care of your spine!

These cookies allow navigation on our site by adapting the presentation of our site to the display preferences of your terminal (language used, display resolution, operating system used, etc.) during your visits to our site, according to the hardware and viewing or reading software that your terminal has or by implementing security measures. These cookies [...]


Sophrology to replace procrastination in productivity!

The procrastination, this tendency to procrastinate, is not new and concerns a good number of people. And yes, who hasn't already put off doing laundry until the next day? However, people who procrastinate, nicknamed them procrastinators, can sometimes shift a task to several weeks. Even if, everyone claims to have already procrastinate many times in [...]

his testimony in Sophrologie Magazine!

After discovering the benefits sophrology, Agatha Lecaron developed its use to apply it in his personal life. In fact, the facilitator noticed that she could apply the sophrology to solve many ailments of his daily life, such as stress. “Having experienced them, I know that extreme feelings are harmful. So, to channel them, the secret [...]


how to recover from a heartbreak?

As Élisabeth de Madre, a clinical psychologist, explains, " the friendly breakup2 can be considered a real grief ". It is therefore important not to experience this form of grief and to be monitored, if necessary, by professionals. Moreover, the sophrology positions itself as that accompaniment therapeutic and strives to improve the daily lives of [...]


Children discover sophrology with the ISophro application!

Sleep disorders, self-confidence, management of emotions (fear, jealousy, sadness, etc.), ISophro offers diverse and varied content relating to children. In addition, Sabrina Mati wishes to extend the age range of her application. In the near future, the application will then offer content exclusively dedicated to teenagers and their issues. School harassment, bodily changes, morale: the [...]

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