Sophrology, a first large-scale scientific study!

The objective of this interventional study is to assess “the effects of sophrology at the caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s disease ». In sum, the research will therefore relate to people using the sophrology to solve this problem. This will highlight the benefits of sophrology and its impact on people with fragility. Indeed, this study represents a great step forward for the sophrology because it will make it possible to scientifically recognize its beneficial action.

Thus, it will bring reliability certain as to the safety and efficacy of the sophrology in general. This research will then be able to demonstrate the benefits that this discipline also brings to people with sickness Alzheimer’s. The sophrology has many cards in hand to help and support those in need. So this first scientific studies paves the way for future research on the sophrology in order to further recognize this discipline as an essential daily support.

* NB: individuals helping people with loss of autonomy