develop your well-being through positive thinking!

The sophrology is well placed to speak and practice positive thinking. Indeed, one of the bases of sophrology is precisely the use of the method Couethe tool for self-suggestion and thought positive par excellence. Being accompanied by a sophrologistit is indeed possible to change one’s perception of things in order to see the world in a much more positive. Establish calm in yourself and repeat the same positive sentence will allow the brain to integrate the information and apply it to everyday life.

As Doctor Philippe Gabilliet explains, “one of the major axes of the thought positive is to project. Setting goals is essential in order to move forward. Turning your dreams or desires into reality is very rewarding and provokes a real feeling of accomplishment”. Indeed, it is possible to realize one’s dreams thanks to the use of sophrologyamong others via the thought positive.

For this, it is possible to use different visualization exercises that will allow you to imagine his success in order to further develop his self-confidence. Blocking out negative thoughts, letting in only the positive, then allows you to realize its full potential. So you can realize that you have all the resources you need to succeed. The mind plays a big role in everyone’s success.

This was also demonstrated in the program Antidote on France 2, where two teams compete in several events: the red team, against the blue team. Before starting the tests, the red team had followed a session of sophrologywhere the expert in sophrology Catherine Aliotta5 had dispensed visualization exercises and of thought positive. Result: the red team won the competition with three wins out of three! A great example of the power of positive thinking! As explained on the show, “by repeating a thought, [les personnes] kind of created a new brain path, and more [elles] borrow it, the more their brain gets used to it”.