Boost your libido with sophrology

Sexuality is an effective way to express how you feel in your relationship. It keeps it stronger between the two lovers, perpetually rekindling the flame. Get to know each other better and appreciate what the other has to offer. Discover and experiment with two new practices to spice up your love and strengthen bonding.

True sexuality should go far beyond carnal pleasure alone. But enjoying it is just as essential. However, for certain reasons, libido can decrease in the couple. Everyday concerns, physical and mental. The urge is gradually decreasing. To avoid falling into monotony, it is important to review the basics of the duo.

Apart from sessions with a psychologist or the advice of a sexologist, you can also use the benefits of sophrology to “boost” your desire and stimulate your sexuality. Sophrology sessions can be done in solo or in duet. These will allow you to express again your pleasure and your sensuality towards your partner. In addition, they would aim to make you feel once again the fact of being desired by the other and of desiring them in return.


The sophrological exercises to further stimulate sexuality.

Alone or as a couple, there are sophrological methods to recover a great libido. Through simple exercises, it will be able to thrive again and fully enjoy sexuality as partners.

Sophrology indeed recommends a study of oneself, a rediscovery of one’s own desires and a positive visualization of daily life. This is done to seek motivation necessary to stimulate sexual libido. The sophrological exercises related to sexuality also make it possible to reach a consideration of the other in the couple to rekindle the flame. Learning to give yourself time is therefore essential. The body must also be in good conditions. Getting rid of all fatigue and stress is all the more ideal for being ready for your partner.

To help couples in a situation of sexual separation, practical exercises combining their body and their mind are then proposed. It is first of all important to evacuate and to remove any tension that could overwhelm the body. This first step allows you to get in sync with each other. To do this, simply stand up and relax your shoulders while performing breathing exercises. You actually have to breathe in while inflating the belly and hold the air for a moment. With your fists closed, you must then blow while shrugging your shoulders. This will allow you to relax.

To find yourself, you can also practice another breathing exercise allowing you to gather all your ability to focus on yourself. In addition, you can then visualize yourself in positive images, relax and unwind to further be present in the sexual act and live it fully in perfect harmony with your partner.