Sophrology: a simple technique to help regain sleep

It’s no secret that we live in a very stressed and stressful society. Insomnia and stress often go together: one being the cause and consequence of the other. Indeed, when we are stressed, even if very tired, the mind is so tense that instead of "collapsing" as soon as the head rests on the pillow, [...]


Do you want to find peaceful nights? Test the sophrology!

Difficulty falling asleep, restless nights, frequent or early waking? Sophrology can help you sleep better. Here is an exercise to test this evening! To gain serenity at bedtime, here is a simple exercise, advised by sophrologist Catherine Aliotta. Indeed, at bedtime we no longer have images or sounds to distract us. It is often at [...]


sleep well when you are two

In 2017, 50% of French people sleep accompanied each night (INSV / MGEN survey). If for the majority, this presence is synonymous with warmth and comfort, for ¼ of them sleeping accompanied can turn into a nightmare. Snoring, movement, different sleep patterns, all of which can seriously affect sleep quality. On the occasion of the [...]


Find quality sleep with sophrology

Sleep problems affect nearly one in two people, especially during anxiety-provoking periods like the start of the new school year in September. To help you get quality sleep, Alain Lancelot carried out a complete sophrology session adapted to sleeping troubles. Quality sleep, or rather restful sleep. The sophrologist, Alain Lancelot, explains why it is so [...]


sleep again thanks to sophrology

France 2’s program "C’est au program" evoked sophrology as a natural method for find a good quality of sleep. During the report, the sophrologist Catherine Aliotta received a young mother whose sleep was disturbed when her baby arrived. Sophrology is one of the non-drug methods used to limit the consumption of sleeping pills. The work [...]


Restoring sleep – Sophrology News

More than 20% of us face difficult nights every day. Difficulty falling asleep, repeated nighttime awakenings, insomnia, all factors that will impact the next day. Far from being inevitable, there are simple tools to put in place to find more restful nights and be sure to start the day off right. Femme and sophrologist [...]


Set the record straight with sophrology

Sleeping is a necessity for both the body and the mind. Providing a minimum amount of time for peaceful sleep is both necessary and beneficial. Depending on habits or depending on the situation, bedtime may be early or late, however it is important to keep a regular pace. Each age corresponds to a number of [...]


Fall asleep in less than a minute

Doctor Andrew Weil, a graduate in medicine and botany from Harvard University, now retired, has developed an inspired method yogic and sophrological techniques to help you fall asleep. A fervent defender of natural techniques, he takes up the concepts of pranayama, a respiratory technique that each yogi engages in his practice, and which we also [...]


I sleep badly, I try the sophro?

Morpheus, god of sleep, does not open his arms so easily. Delphine Sudre, a sophrologist in Levallois, explains how sophrology can help to find pretty soothing nights. Why do we consult? People who consult Delphine Sudre have an impaired quality of sleep. It is therefore important to remind everyone of the importance of this nocturnal [...]


Sophrology and jet lag –, all the latest sophrology news

We often mention the contribution of sophrology in the management of fears related to air travel. We don't talk about its positive effects on the imbalances caused by jet lag. The Hufington Post just published an article by Catherine Aliotta, sophrologist and president of the Syndical Chamber of Sophrology on this subject : " Jetlag: [...]

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