Seniors: maintain their memory thanks to sophrology

Seniors are sometimes anxious about losing their memory. And this, whether or not they suffer from a pathology due to aging. Sophrology is therefore a great ally to work on your alertness and reassure yourself about your cognitive abilities. Eliminate pressure to boost performance Stress is the main source of memory interference. It prevents information [...]


Tako tsubo and sophrology – Sophrology News

The body and the mind are intimately linked. Some estimate, as such, that nearly 80% of diseases are of psychological origin. The placebo effect is no longer a legend, since a large number of scientific cohorts have been able to echo the impact of the mind in fighting a disease. A new phenomenon detected in [...]


Better living your menopause with sophrology

The magazine Top Health this month highlights sophrology to better support the effects of menopause. Whether it's hot flashes, bouts of sadness, anxiety or stress, sophrology would be an effective aid. The effect is certainly not magic, but regular practice would allow you to regain positive contact with your own body and establish a beneficial [...]


better understand the changes of seasons

The word "senior" is a word related to age which designates a category of person and which covers different realities. They range from dynamic, experienced executives to young retirees to the most advanced in age.Outside the corporate world, seniors can be referred to as "older people." We could call them the elders but we will [...]


Sophrology for seniors – Sophrology News

Guess what is the new activity of the Club of the 3rd age of the Moulin de Montpellier? Sophrology of course! The method is in fact more and more practiced by the senior public because it allows them to respond to different problems such as the management of stress or anxiety particularly present in the [...]

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