develop your well-being through positive thinking!

The sophrology is well placed to speak and practice positive thinking. Indeed, one of the bases of sophrology is precisely the use of the method Couethe tool for self-suggestion and thought positive par excellence. Being accompanied by a sophrologistit is indeed possible to change one's perception of things in order to see the world in [...]

significant support against school bullying

In 2021, the Ministry of National Education set up a fight program6 against any form of harassment to help victims and refer them to professionals. This program thus makes it possible to support these students so that they do not overcome this ordeal alone. It is indeed essential for a victim to harassment to be [...]

sophrology in support against breast cancer

The use of the sophrology has many beneficial properties for people undergoing treatment for cancer breast. Indeed, it is not positioned as a treatment, but as supportive oncological care. This method comes as an accompaniment to medical treatment. Using several exercises of sophrology (breathing, relaxation, visualization), people with cancer breast will be able to improve [...]

Multiple Sclerosis: Helping Patients Meet Their Challenges

In this national awareness week for multiple sclerosis, eight people with the disease are mobilizing to take up a major challenge: to make an underground crossing like real speleologists. This inner strength, which they show to dismiss the disease, can also be developed thanks to the accompaniment of a sophrologist. A challenge to raise awareness [...]

Sophrology and multiple sclerosis: the report from TF1

The 1 p.m. newspaper TF1 moderated by Claire Chazal devoted a subject on multiple sclerosis on May 31st. The report consists of 3 testimonies from people affected by this disease. 2 of them are followed in their daily professional life. Adeline turned to relaxation therapy to better accept the disease, but above all to manage [...]

Assessment of the Maison de la SEP 2012

May 30th took place World Multiple Sclerosis Day. On this occasion were created in larger cities of France MS houses. For the first time sophrologists were invited to participate in this meeting. Sophrology workshops were set up to allow patients to discover the benefits of the method on the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Biogen Idec, [...]

Sophrology in the houses of MS

Next May 30 will be World Multiple Sclerosis Day. On the occasion of this event the FSEP, the French League against MS and Notre Sclerosis will open the house of MS in 7 major cities in France: - Toulouse (1st June); - Clermont-Ferrand, Lyon, Nantes and Paris (1st and June 02); - Lille (June 02); [...]

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