Confinement: now is the time to empathize!

Empathy is the ability to understand others, to put themselves in their place. The coronavirus epidemic and containment are opportunities to exercise this empathy on a daily basis!

Most of us have never experienced a crisis like this and we are afraid. Either for ourselves, for our loved ones, or for the planet or humanity. Finally, whatever our age or our state of health, we are all affected by this pandemic.

Indeed, this forces us to think collectively and put ourselves in the place of the other. Whenever we go out, we have to be attentive not only to ourselves, but also to all of the people around us.

It may be “just a flu” for me, but what about my neighbor? What about my diabetic brother? What about my friend who works at the hospital?

The pandemic of COVID-19 reminds us not only of our fragility, but also that we must watch over each other.

The authorities are unanimous: the pandemic will only be eradicated with the cooperation of every citizen. More than ever we have to think collectively.

In addition, let us also think of all the people who cross this confinement alone. Technology can be a great ally to counter loneliness. Do not hesitate to use it to chat with your friends and family. Do not keep negative thoughts for yourself, even if you feel anxious. Moreover, do not hesitate to consult certain professionals such as psychologists or sophrologists who offer sessions by videoconference.

Also remember to contact your friends you haven’t seen for a long time, distant cousins, your grandparents… This are not only a few minutes for you who can make all the difference for someone who feels alone!