Rafael Nadal against Müller-Weiss syndrome

As he had already stated, Raphael Nadal use the sophrology3 regularly as a mental and physical preparation in his daily sports. Indeed, in addition to using it as mental preparation, the sophrology can also be useful for physical health: in the prevention of injuries, in the management of pain, in physical recovery, etc. It is therefore beneficial to use it to calm the pains related to Muller-Weiss disease.

It is possible to improve one’s daily life in the face of this sickness, learning to use the sophrology as a method of managing pain. Catherine Aliotta4expert in sophrology, explain that being “Listening to your body helps to free yourself from the fear of moving that increases tension5so the pain ». Indeed, it is possible to use the sophrology by practicing muscle relaxation exercises which will be very effective in releasing the tensions present in the body.

As Doctor Isabelle Suffys explains, “we still oppose far too much pain physical and moral, whereas they are intimately linked”. Indeed, by working the mind, it is quite possible to reduce the intensity of the pain. Some hospitals have understood this very well since they use the sophrology as a method of managing pain for patients with chronic illnesses related to joints. This is the case of the Hôtel-Dieu and the Cochin AP-HP hospital6who have set up a device to fight against joint diseases, such as osteoarthritis, and which aims to use techniques such as sophrology to help patients in painful everyday life. Thus, the sophrology is gradually becoming a recognized method that can help better manage pain and live better on a daily basis with a chronic disease.