Sophrology and flight simulator to manage your fear of flying

Maybe you will be flying in the next few hours or days. Perhaps this prospect does not enchant you much, even if it is to go and do some tourism at the end of the world. It must be said that recent news has reminded you that a plane may not arrive at its destination (the last air disaster occurred last weekend).
In addition, an aircraft moves in all directions, it makes strange noises and not reassuring, it does not always pass turbulence with discretion. according to Air France, 40% of travelers would be anxious, worried before boarding one of these large metal birds. This is why the company has been offering anti-stress internships for some time, called Taming the plane, to help clients deal with their fear. The 7-hour sessions are led by a team of around 40 speakers, some of whom are sophrologists. During these meetings, the trainees, after an interview with an aeronautical stress specialist, receive advice to prepare their trip well, as well as technical information concerning the planes and the systems which protect them. The sessions are supplemented by the necessary situations experienced through a flight simulator.

According to Air France, 80% of people who have used this program are no longer apprehensive before and during the flight.