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Due to hearing impairment or aging of the ear, a person has to live with tinnitus. This hearing discomfort is actually manifested by buzzing, hissing or hissing which can be temporary or occasional depending on the individual.

The causes of tinnitus are manifold, especially since it can occur at any time in the individual. As it is still impossible to cure it entirely, the effects which result from it can however be managed and controlled. Thanks to sophrology, it is then easier to live with the noises which invade your ears. Especially since this method is simple practical but effective exercises.

Tinnitus manifestations


Tinnitus is common in people who are continually in direct contact with loud noises, resulting in acoustic trauma. This hearing sensation also manifests due to age. An aging ear actually causes a decrease in its functions, going so far as to totally deteriorate the sense of hearing. A condition of the hearing system, a disease such as high blood pressure or even taking ototoxic drugs can be the cause of tinnitus.

In addition, the discomfort caused by tinnitus can lead to anxiety and stress in an individual. As hearing is essential in everyday life, it is impossible for someone with this condition to carry out any task that falls on them. She is led to live in a lack of understanding and destabilization in the face of various situations.

A lack of concentration can also be felt in a person living with tinnitus. Lost in his own thoughts trying to understand what is going on around him, it is difficult for him to apprehend and enjoy the outside world. She may also lose self-confidence because of her inability to assimilate what she is told or what she should hear.

Support tinnitus through sophrology

Determining the causes of tinnitus is the first step not to be overlooked before resorting to specific treatments. It is up to doctors and ENT specialists to assess and diagnose the patient in order to adapt the appropriate care. The degree of the disease can indeed vary from one individual to another.

One of the options available to the patient to help them cope with their illness is to seek the expertise of a sophrologist. The important thing is to try to manage the effects which result from it and to control it so that it can no longer interfere with the daily life of the individual. Sophrology aims to work your body and mind to achieve feeling good, and this, by its own means. The sophrological practices will allow the patient to defocus their stress related to the disease and to be able to relax to remove and erase any annoying noise. This makes it easier for him to accept his illness and live with it without too many constraints. Controlling the intensity of sound sensations is also possible as practices evolve. However, it remains imperative to emphasize that sophrology can bring an improvement, certainly, but can in no way put an end to the phenomenon. The person just gets used to it more.

For further : Sophrology and tinnitus, by Catherine Aliotta, Ed. Dunod InterEditions.