sophrology in support against breast cancer

The use of the sophrology has many beneficial properties for people undergoing treatment for cancer breast. Indeed, it is not positioned as a treatment, but as supportive oncological care. This method comes as an accompaniment to medical treatment. Using several exercises of sophrology (breathing, relaxation, visualization), people with cancer breast will be able to improve their daily lives in the face of sickness.

the breast cancer and the treatments to overcome it have significant repercussions on the body. In fact, some women sometimes have to have one of their breast to defeat the sickness. This radical change in their body can then represent a real shock. Self-image takes a hit and self-confidence decreases. It is in this type of situation that the sophrology therefore comes to provide assistance and support. The accompaniment of a sophrologist allows you to work, through visualization, on this self-image in order to regain self-confidence.

This support care also has its usefulness in the face of the side effects of the treatments of the breast cancer (chemotherapy, etc.). Indeed, the list of symptoms related to the side effects of treatments is long: anemia, vomiting, loss of appetite, hair loss, etc. The sophrology then comes to alleviate its symptoms and help to improve the daily life.

In addition, the use of pain management exercises allows you to learn how to better channel your suffering related to treatments for sickness. As explained by Dr Carole Bouleuc5a doctor specializing in supportive care, the sophrology “helps to better support the effects secondary treatments oncological. In patient surveys, almost 40% of women with breast cancer say they use these techniques..