We also talk about sophrology in the people press

Sophrology now manages to find a place in the celebrity press, in the midst of stars and stars, between two gossip and four exclusive revelations.

This is the case in the issue ofParis here appearing this week. The weekly – which devotes its cover to a missing singer, a presidential couple and a rivalry between two presenters of an evening television news – also knows how to offer its readers some information to live their daily lives better by sophrology.

So this is the case with this new edition of the magazine which offers in its section Health here an article on the method entitled Sophrology from A to Zen.

The paper describes some exercises of sophro express allowing to face some situations of stress and anxiety: problem of concentration at work, of falling asleep, anger, difficulties in communicating, etc.

The sophrologist Catherine Aliotta, founder of the IFS, accompanied the weekly in its approach.

Read the article Sophrology from A to Zen.