Sophrology: a simple technique to help regain sleep

It’s no secret that we live in a very stressed and stressful society. Insomnia and stress often go together: one being the cause and consequence of the other.

Indeed, when we are stressed, even if very tired, the mind is so tense that instead of “collapsing” as soon as the head rests on the pillow, the opposite happens: the mind awakens. Indeed, no longer being able to be “distracted” by everything we see or hear during the day, we find ourselves in our dark rooms and this is an opportunity to think back to a whole bunch of things which we have more or less managed to avoid thinking during the day.

How can sophrology help?

Through breathing and visualization exercises, sophrology makes it possible to release all the tensions accumulated during the day and to calm the autonomous nervous system. Thus, the body relaxes, we manage to channel our thoughts and arrive at this stage of “disconnection” that is needed for falling asleep.


Can I do it alone?

Yes, even if the ideal is to start by doing a few sessions with a sophrologist who will prepare personalized exercises for you. Then the idea is that you can practice alone. Sophrology is a technique which aims to make autonomous. Initially, you practice with the sophrologist, then you practice alone and after a while you have incorporated the changes and no longer necessarily have to do the exercises.

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