channel your phobia of the void using sophrology

The sophrology is an excellent method to learn how to overcome anxieties of daily life and it is also very effective therapeutically. It offers, in fact, an excellent accompaniment4 in the face of numerous pathologies such as phobias. Through several exercises, the sophrology allows people phobic to evacuate their anxiety and thus better apprehend distressing situations. As Vincent Trybou explains, “remember it’s a chemical phenomenon in your brain”. In fact, if an acrophobic person is faced with empty, she will be able to reuse the different techniques that her sophrologist will have taught him in order to better manage the situation.

In addition to medical monitoring, the sophrology is positioned as an accompaniment to train the brain to calm down when it thinks it is in danger from the empty. This training involves various breathing and visualization exercises that will manage to reduce anxiety and regain calm. Thereby, sophrological support will allow people suffering acrophobia to better manage, for example, their anxieties when faced with the idea of ​​being on a balcony!