the usefulness of sophrology in the face of this type of cancer

In 2018, the lung cancer2 ranked third cancer the most common among the French. Although the number of men affected has stagnated for 40 years, among women the numbers are constantly increasing. The main reason for this strong growth: tobacco. In effect, the number of female smokers3 increased between 2010 and 2018 and played a big role in the development of the cancer from lung. Although the number of smokers has decreased since 20184the number of cases of cancer from lung in women, he does not reduce.

Although this type of sickness either one of cancer the most complicated to treat, its recovery rate has nevertheless increased in recent years. Thanks to medical advances, some cancer, like that of lung, are diagnosed earlier, increasing the chances of recovery. This sickness being treated on appearance it will therefore have less chance of spreading and will therefore be more easily eradicated.

However, the fight against this sickness is a long and painful ordeal. To avoid losing his determination and to reinforce his energy throughout the treatments, it is necessary to be properly accompanied. In addition to medical monitoring, the sophrology represents a very good way to strengthen your determination and regain energy in order to live your fight more serenely.