Discover two sophrology exercises to be calm and focused!

Want to be Zen and positive? Sophrology is for you! Inspired by yoga, it helps you transform your dark thoughts into positive thoughts! Here are two exercises to practice at any time every day!

Breathing to focus
Let’s start with a simple exercise, easy to do again and that helps with concentration. This exercise can be done sitting or standing, eyes closed.
Fix your attention on your breathing. Take the time to listen to it, follow the respiratory movements of your belly. If you have thoughts running through your mind, don’t pay attention. Stay focused on the wave motion of your breathing, and gradually you will become aware of what is going on in your body.
You can take up to thirty breaths to disconnect from your surroundings. You will refocus on your body. To try before an important meeting. You will see that it calms the anxieties.

Stretching to relax
This second sophrology exercise will relax your muscles and release tension. Sit comfortably on a chair. Once well seated, breathe in through your nose. At the same time, stretch your arms up and stretch your legs by lifting your heels. Block breathing for a few seconds.
Then gently release, exhaling through your nose. This exercise helps to relax the body and soothe the tension.
You can repeat this movement 3 times to make the tensions disappear.

If after that you feel like yawning, if your eyes are watery … It’s a good sign, relaxation has arrived!