Are you breathing badly? Stress is probably the big culprit

Do you feel like breathing badly? Know that stress is probably the culprit.

Why can breathing, so natural, sometimes become a problem?

If you don’t have a respiratory condition, don’t smoke and still feel like breathing badly, stress is surely the culprit. It directly affects your breathing, and the situation can quickly worsen in the face of emotional upheaval. With stress, the breathing becomes thoracic (high) and incomplete and the buried emotions contract the diaphragm. When this lasts over time, it is not uncommon for palpitations, chest pain or a feeling of tightness to also appear.

Indeed, when we breathe badly, the organism presents the signs of a state of alert: the heart rate and the blood pressure go up, the digestion slows down … Imagine the consequences of all this for months and years!

What to do in case of breathing difficulty?

The first thing to do is go see a doctor to make sure there is no underlying pathology. Then, you have to learn to breathe better, with sophrology for example! Indeed, controlled breathing allows you to calm the body and the mind. Therefore, you calm your emotions and all related physiological reactions. Being in control of your breathing is therefore in a way, regaining control of your life!