Do you want to find peaceful nights? Test the sophrology!

Difficulty falling asleep, restless nights, frequent or early waking? Sophrology can help you sleep better. Here is an exercise to test this evening!

To gain serenity at bedtime, here is a simple exercise, advised by sophrologist Catherine Aliotta.

Indeed, at bedtime we no longer have images or sounds to distract us. It is often at this point that parasitic thoughts invade us and prevent us from falling asleep. This sophrology exercise will allow you to calm down and keep your attention focused on the breathing.

Lying in bed, eyes closed, inhale while swelling your stomach and count to 3 or 4 at the same time.

Block breathing for a few moments, depending on your ability.


Then, blow very gently through your mouth, like in a straw, counting to 6 or 8. Objective: double the inspiration time, at expiration. To do 3 times.

Then pay attention to his face.

Relax the forehead, relax the eyebrows, loosen the jaws, let the tongue settle in the mouth.

Feel your throat unclog, your shoulders relax, relax your arms, loosen your hands, feel your back resting on the mattress, relax your stomach, glutes, relax your legs, ankles (don’t hesitate to do two or three ankle rotations to untie this area of ​​the body).

Stop to feel your body at rest and the tensions go away. Feel heavier, relaxed. To do 1 time.