how to recover from a heartbreak?

As Élisabeth de Madre, a clinical psychologist, explains, ” the friendly breakup2 can be considered a real grief “. It is therefore important not to experience this form of grief and to be monitored, if necessary, by professionals. Moreover, the sophrology positions itself as that accompaniment therapeutic and strives to improve the daily lives of people, helping them to better cope with the ordeal they are going through. It is therefore an excellent aid to support people living with the loss of a friend.

Through various exercises of sophrology, it will be possible to learn to release the tensions that have accumulated since the breakup. When the body assimilates too much tension, it can then have physical repercussions3 more or less severe (headaches, lower back pain, sleep disturbances, etc.). It is therefore important to release tensions and establish calm within. Thereafter, it will be possible to manage one’s emotions in order to accept this rupture and make it easier grief. Indeed, one of the important phases in the process of grief, whatever it is, is to accept reality and the loss of the other. By accepting the situation, it is then easier to move on and move forward to rebuild.

In addition, it will be possible to regain a better self-image thanks to exercises visualization4. This will allow you to get back on your feet and evacuate the negative emotions present because of this sorrow of friendship. By chasing these negative thoughts, it will then be easier to overcome your sorrow.