Multiple Sclerosis: Helping Patients Meet Their Challenges

In this national awareness week for multiple sclerosis, eight people with the disease are mobilizing to take up a major challenge: to make an underground crossing like real speleologists. This inner strength, which they show to dismiss the disease, can also be developed thanks to the accompaniment of a sophrologist.

A challenge to raise awareness

This Tuesday, May 23, 2017, eight people with multiple sclerosis (MS) begin their Speleo challenge, a meaningful underground journey that will end tomorrow. ” Through our challenges, we can and want to be emissaries and show that we knew how to lose to win elsewhere, our trials can become assets Explains to the Huffington Post Marc Kopp at the initiative of this project.

Determined to exceed their own limits, they thus wish to trigger an awareness in other patients who do not suspect the strength that they can draw from them.

Transforming the violence of the disease into a life force

Driven by a philosophy of the happy patient, the eight budding speleologists wish to convey the idea that despite the disease, it is possible to exist, even intensely. And for Marc Kopp, who has already made a jump over Everest in a tandem parachute, it goes through a stage of mutation. For him, it is about transforming the obstacles encountered into real inner strength.

Sophrology to bring out its inner strength

Sophrology is particularly effective in helping people with MS to become aware of the resources available to them. By working on both the body and the mind, the method provides them with precious keys to effectively achieve this positive transformation. Patients thus prepared feel strong and confident enough to meet the challenges they have set for themselves. The goal is to experience the disease differently and why not, as Marc Kopp says, to perceive it as an opportunity to discover yourself.

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