Sophrology to eliminate stress in Monica Bellucci


Monica Bellucci will be the master of ceremonies for the 2017 Cannes Festival, a role she had already held in 2003 with a lot of fright. Sophrologist Catherine Aliotta, director of theSophrology Training Institute and author of many books, we decipher what could be done to help the beautiful Italian to open with serenity this 70th ceremony.

Sophro News: The opening ceremony of the Cannes festival opens tomorrow and Monica Bellucci admitted to having felt a lot of jitters in 2003 when she held this role, do you think she has enough time to prepare to live with serenity this moment?

Catherine Aliotta: In general, we try to go about it in advance on this kind of event especially with people who are under great pressure and on which all eyes are set. The right to make mistakes is quite limited and celebrities are particularly worried about the buzz that could circulate about them in the press and social networks. However, it is quite possible to practice a few days in advance for stress management and mental preparation. The work will be just less thorough than if it had lasted several sessions.

Sophro News: Monica Bellucci said at a press conference that she wondered what she was doing there in 2003 in Cannes, that she hoped to be less afraid this time and that she liked the idea of ​​overcoming her anxiety . What will you recommend as a sophrology exercise?

Catherine Aliotta: What’s important to point out is that the actress seems “ready” to get the upper hand over the anxiety. In sophrology, it is important to be invested in the exercises in order to obtain the best possible results. Now, with regard to the rather mixed memory of this role of mistress of ceremonies, sophrology offers exercises which invite to detach from the unpleasant feelings linked to a negative memory. I think it would be a good start for the actress.

Sophro News: And what would you tell him to live this moment “with more lightness, flexibility”, to use his words?

Catherine Aliotta: I would undoubtedly have devoted a whole session to this part by working on posture, gestures through dynamic relaxation exercises. This feeling of lightness can be found in breathing exercises by favoring the finesse of the breath and the flexibility of the chest which opens and lowers slowly. But for this ceremony, I would have particularly focused on the process with a virtual walking exercise. With half-open eyes, you work on balance, you become aware of the verticality of your spine, the anchoring of your feet in the ground. This is also an exercise that I would recommend to all the actresses parading on the red carpet and who must also manage the dress and the heels.

Sophro News: The Italian who wanted to write her opening speech herself, wants to avoid French mistakes, isn’t that another source of stress?

Catherine Aliotta: In the same way, this stage is being prepared and it is possible to make a speech in front of thousands of spectators while being relatively calm and posed. Conversely, stress can make speech inaudible because the throat is tight and the voice quavering. For my part, I would start this sophrology session by working the flexibility of the body and the head, I would suggest an exercise to relax the facial features and relax the jaw, an essential step to free the voice. But I would also recommend an exercise that aims to unlock the shoulders to release tension in this area. Then I would suggest abdominal breathing to relieve the pressure discreetly before and during the opening speech. Finally, I would work on the flexibility of the arms and hands, an area of ​​the body that is an integral part of communication, especially among Italians (laughs). For the rest, I think that the spectators will appreciate the singing accent of the actress and will easily forgive her French faults, if there is fault!

The Sophro Actu editorial team thanks the sophrologist Catherine Aliotta for answering all of our questions.