Nosophobia and sophrology not Current Woman

We all have a hypochondriac around him, but we know less nosophobe. The nuance between the two anguished is quite tenuous. The former will tend to listen to his body too much and transform the slightest observation into a serious illness. The second, he is afraid of contracting a disease. His anxiety will result in taking preventive treatments or implementing hygiene measures.

These two phobias can be taken care of by a sophrologist. As this article indicates about hypochondriacs posted on the Arte website (updated on 10/04/2014 : the article is no longer online).

We may not fear the disease, but fear the doctors. There too sophrology can be appealed.

All these fears can sometimes result in the presence of a lump in the stomach. Sophrologie Actualité gives you a simple abdominal breathing exercise that will allow you to separate from this ball.

It is an exercise proposed by Current wife.