portraits of women who have chosen sophrology

World Cancer Day will be held this Sunday. On this occasion, Sophrology News wished to return to the journey of two women who chose sophrology to help them on their healing journey.

Come back to life thanks to sophrology

Let’s start with a book written by Agnès Defremery. Achieving a brain cancer, Agnes plunges back into sophrology after a delicate operation, for which her surgeon leaves her little hope of survival.


Opening her eyes on her hospital bed, Agnes discovers that a new life is opening up to her, ” a new chance “, she says.

It was at this moment that she chose to turn to a method, which she already knew very well: relaxation therapy. Agnes had, in fact, discovered it in the 1970s, but this time it was as a real tool that she decided to use to go up the slope.

In sophrology, you learn to understand how your body works. Imagination is important, as is physical relaxation. Sophrology is the result of yoga, we work on emotions. You have to know where you stand in time. You have to know how to go back to the past to live in the present and go into the future. “, She explains to the newspaper l’Aisne Nouvelle.

In his book called To be reborn by sophrology, Agnès Defremery tells the story of her disease experience but above all in what way sophrology accompanied her during all her healing journey.

A young mother’s fight against cancer

At just 33, Adeline Demesy learns that she has a breast cancer. Her oncologist only gives her 6 months to live. However, two years later, the young woman is still standing, sporting a broad smile. It was for her daughter that she wanted to fight, and for this young mother, fighting the disease is a matter of mental. “For me, the mind is 70% of healing”, she says.

To forge a steel mind, the young woman did not hesitate to call on complementary techniques to allopathic medicine. Among these methods, sophrology, a technique that gave her the essential keys to better live the disease and turn her mind to the positive aspects of her life. Adeline intends to resume the sessions soon, because for her, it is largely thanks to the help of this method that she is now so strong. The young woman now plans to retrain in the field of alternative medicine and is thinking in particular of become a sophrologist. Today, Adeline says ” Yes, I’m happier than before the illness “.

She too has chosen to tell her story in a book called Quite simply: a young mother’s fight against cancer.

Watch below the report that France 3 regions devoted to it:

complementary cancer techniques

Today, if sophrology can accompany many cancer patients, It is not a coincidence. The method has many benefits and is now recognized as support oncology care (Cancer plan).

Sophrology is, to date, integrated into many patient assistance programs such as those developed by the Cancer League or by big brands like La Roche-Posay. The latter has been offering for several months online sophrology sessions to support women with cancer.

Finally, what could be more encouraging than seeing France flourish Resource centers in which the method is fully integrated. Cancer patients can thus benefit from sophrology sessions by participating in thematic workshops and group sessions.