Set the record straight with sophrology

Sleeping is a necessity for both the body and the mind. Providing a minimum amount of time for peaceful sleep is both necessary and beneficial. Depending on habits or depending on the situation, bedtime may be early or late, however it is important to keep a regular pace.

Each age corresponds to a number of hours of sleep. The body thus generates, during the night, the energy necessary to face a new day and new tasks. However, stress, a psychological disorder, can disrupt sleep without suffering from insomnia.

Listening to your body is therefore necessary in order to be able to go to bed at a time suited to your rhythm and needs.


The reasons for a difficult sleep

Several reasons can explain the difficulties in falling asleep.

A person may be in a state of stress and anxiety as a result of an event or problem. She may not be able to fall asleep.

Rather late at night than early at night, a person may feel more comfortable at night. The need to take time for yourself is also to be taken into account. The night is indeed considered to be one of the rare moments when one can have the time and sometimes the desire for one’s favorite activities.

And note also that physical or biological disorders can also be the cause of sleep that is hard to find.

Sleep therapy

To control and regulate the hours of sleep in order to be in shape to face the day, several solutions are effective today including sophrology.

When faced with stressful situations, the most important thing is to release all the pressure or anxiety accumulated during the day. Tensions are a blockage to sleep, it is essential to relax, to relax and let your mind escape to find a certain well-being.

To do this, very simple exercises such as pumping the shoulders or the fans make it possible to put distance between the events of the day and the night of sleep that lie ahead.

The ideal for those who suffer from sleep insomnia, is to listen again to the visualization proposed by the sophrologist in office. The calm and reassuring voice makes it possible to arrive gently towards the borders of sleep.

The mind calms down as the body relaxes. An ideal combination so that sleep promises to be restful and that the next day can be lived with batteries recharged again.