significant support against school bullying

In 2021, the Ministry of National Education set up a fight program6 against any form of harassment to help victims and refer them to professionals. This program thus makes it possible to support these students so that they do not overcome this ordeal alone. It is indeed essential for a victim to harassment to be properly taken care of by health professionals so that she is listened to and monitored. If your child is a victim of harassment school or of cyber harassmentit is important to contact the services concerned in order to help him overcome this very difficult ordeal.

Moreover, the sophrology also positions itself as an accompaniment in this type of situation. Indeed, following a sophrologist thus makes it possible to support and accompany the student via various tools. This therapeutic method will be an important additional help in dealing with the harassment sudden.

Breathing and visualization techniques will allow the victim to harassment learn to better manage their emotions. The stress generated by this situation is often very present, so it is important to learn how to manage stress. This will effectively allow him to better reduce his tensions and thus establish calm within him. Finding a form of appeasement will also allow the pupil to regain a taste for school and reduce their fear. Thus, absences and the risk of school failure are more likely to decrease over time.

Through positive visualization work, the pupil will be able to control their anxieties more easily. By channeling his fears and using these exercises, he will be able to acquire a better image of himself. Indeed, self-confidence tends to drop due to sudden relentlessness. The use of the sophrology is then very useful, because it will allow to help the pupil to work on his self-esteem, using these different techniques (visualization and positive thoughts). Thus, all of these tools will give him self-confidence in order to overcome this difficult ordeal.

The follow-up sophrological also allows the pupil harassed to feel supported and accompanied throughout their journey. The presence of sophrologist is indeed a considerable asset in the fight against harassment school. It is therefore very useful to combine the sophrology other forms of support such as psychological support. To find a sophrologist specialist near you Click here.