sleep well when you are two

In 2017, 50% of French people sleep accompanied each night (INSV / MGEN survey). If for the majority, this presence is synonymous with warmth and comfort, for ¼ of them sleeping accompanied can turn into a nightmare. Snoring, movement, different sleep patterns, all of which can seriously affect sleep quality. On the occasion of the 17th Sleep Day to be held on Friday, Sophro actu offers you some tips to help you have a great night together.

But first why is it so importantt to sleep well?

This Sleep Day reminds us of how taking care of your sleep means preserving your health. Because sleeping is not only a source of relaxation and pleasure, it is above all a primary need that the body needs to function properly. And the risks of a lack of sleep are proven today. Sleeping less than 6 hours a night on a regular basis increases the risk of heart disease, stroke or even developing cancer like colorectal cancer. From the first short night, we can already measure an acceleration of skin aging, increased emotionality and even a decrease in brain mass. So how do you get enough sleep when you’re embarrassed by someone else’s presence?


Respect your rhythm and the rhythm of others

The specialists are unanimous: to sleep well, you must already learn to respect your own sleep rhythm. According to them, the best way to get to know him is simply to observe how many hours it takes to recover during the weekends. The ideal would indeed be to reproduce these cycles during the week.

But we must also take into account the rhythm of his co-sleeper. Because whoever shares their bed does not necessarily have the same needs in this area. It is for this reason that this 17th Day is entitled “To each and every age his sleep”. If your partner only needs 6 hours a night versus 8 hours for you, there is a good chance that your sleep will be disturbed regularly.

To help you do this, the National Institute for Sleep and Vigilance has provided you with a test to determine whether or not you are chrono-compatible.

Pamper your feelings

If sleep rhythm is an essential condition for restful nights, sleep conditions determine their quality.

Sophrology is an opportunity to take into account its needs in this area. It allows in particular to identify the sensations that favor falling asleep or simply to learn to pay attention to it: softness of the blanket, softness of the pillow, freshness or even relaxation of the body.

The opportunity also to put the finger on what generate the annoying stimuli like the snoring or the movements of his partner. Often these factors increase the level of alertness and the heart rate of those who seek to fall asleep, which is incompatible with falling asleep. Not to mention the occurrence of unpleasant emotions such as anxiety, annoyance or fear. Sophrology is particularly recommended to learn how to calm down in bed when the body is put on alert.

Obviously, all sleep professionals agree that it is necessary to discuss this matter with your partner to try to find a point of agreement. It can only be a simple problem with bed size or, in the case of snoring, pathologies such as sleep apnea that require medical consultation. In this case, do not hesitate to call on your doctor to manage to spend a great night together.

And you, do you sleep alone or accompanied?