sophrology, an asset to beat the heat

During the months of July and August 2022, the whole world could see the repercussions of the global warming : heat wave, fires, drought etc. In addition to having repercussions on the environment in general, the strong heat also have an impact on health. Migraine, dehydration, fainting: all these symptoms can be the consequences of heatstroke. Unfortunately, the repercussions of heat on the human body do not stop there. The outside temperature can also have serious consequences on morale, and Mental Health generally.

Low morale, fatigue and stress are just the only symptoms that the heat produced on the body. It is also very common for a person to suffer from sleep disturbances during periods of heavy heats. Indeed, for a person to be able to fall asleep properly, the body temperature must drop. For this, therefore, it is necessary that the outside temperature don’t be too extreme.

In fact, lack of sleep and fatigue can accentuate a bad mood. When a person lacks sleep, it means, in effect, that the body has not had enough time to recover during the night. Rest will actually allow the body, but also the brain, to regenerate and recover properly. “physically or mentally”1. The fact that the body is not rested enough will then have many impacts: loss of concentration, bad mood, lack of energy, and so many others.

At the same time, the heat can therefore make you irritable and sometimes even aggressive, as noted by Elodie Grateau2doctoral student in philosophy and history of treatment techniques in psychiatry. “Physiologically, when it does hot, our heart rate increases, our pulse is stronger, our blood pressure increases, and our level of cortisol (the stress hormone) increases so we will tend to feel more irritable”.