sophrology present at the US Open 2022!

the Grand Slam, one of the most important annual championships of tennis, will soon come to an end. This great competition, where the objective is to win the four tournaments it comprises, brings together the greatest players of tennis professionals in the world. Monday, August 29 will therefore mark the start of the last tournament of the Grand Slam : I’US Open. Many tennis playerscoveting this great championship, train throughout their career to try to win it.

L’US Open being the last tournament of this competition, it represents great pressure for top athletes. It has indeed been several months since these professionals have been fighting over their matches, pressure and fatigue are therefore very present among competitors. This is why a good number of them train physically but also mentally in order to prepare properly for this type of event and to be in the best possible state of mind. The goal is not to be distracted and overwhelmed by negative thoughts.