sophrology to calm anxious parents

In France, 8% of newborns1 are children prematureborn before the 37e week of pregnancy. Very fragile and vulnerable, these babies are often kept for several days or several weeks at the hospital, depending on their stage. These moments spent the hospital with his child premature are very often traumatic for newcomers parents. Indeed, see his child vulnerable in a box, tied to wires and tubes is a very powerful experience.

Moreover, the parentsbut especially the young mother, may have the reflex to question herself when her child was born prematurely. As psychoanalyst Catherine Bergeret-Amselek explains, the mother will question everything: whether it is her capacity to be a good mother or her body’s capacity to lead a pregnancy term. The father, meanwhile, is not spared since he also risks questioning his role as father. Each of them will then ask themselves: “What did I do wrong? »2.



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Despite the fact that the responsibility of parents is not called into question, some will feel a form of guilt. Subsequently, self-confidence may decline and some will go so far as to believe that they are bad parents. These moments in the hospital are therefore very difficult for the parents and can cause all sorts of trauma. Some parents therefore expect only one thing: the possibility of bringing their child within their household.

However, this return home is synonymous of anguish for others parents. Indeed, for them, leaving the hospital means above all losing control and taking risks for their baby premature. As in testifies Héloïse3mother of a little prematureaged 30 weeks, the fear of not knowing how to take care of her baby is very heavy, without the presence of the team hospital. ” TO the hospital, Garance was under the surveillance of “scholars”, to whom you delegate your responsibility. It’s hard to tell yourself that it’s now up to you.”.