Sophrology to reduce maternal smoking

How to reduce your consumption or get rid of your addiction when you are pregnant? A significant question, when we know the impact of passive smoking for the child in the fetus state.

Can sophrology then be a solution?

Miscarriage, premature delivery, physical or mental impairment for the newborn, the list could be long or scary. However, some women find it difficult to reduce or even stop their nicotine consumption. As in the vast majority of cases, smoking is the almost instant response to stress, we can understand that stopping before or during pregnancy is, for them, complicated to manage.


As with any addiction, a gradual and accompanied cessation will bring much better results. Frustration will be managed as you go. The craving effect will be easier to fill and overcome.

A motivating factor in stopping smoking for a pregnant woman remains, above all, the interest of the child. If we do not wish him any complications or deficiency from birth, then planning 9 months without tobacco seems surmountable.

But as pregnancy can also generate stress, anxiety and apprehension, and the only tool in the fight to overcome them remains tobacco. The vicious circle begins again.

How is sophrology effective?

The interest of sophrology in the management of stress and negative emotions is indisputable today. The benefit of the technique for a pregnant woman subject to the dictates of tobacco would be to be able to get closer to her body, to her feelings and, by repercussion, to the feelings of her child.

Become aware of what is going on inside you to free yourself from an addiction that could be harmful to the child you are carrying.

The sophrology sessions work in a crescendo way. Managing stress, the urge and the desire to maintain a stop or a restricted consumption until delivery will become the common thread of support. To gain efficiency and offer convincing results, training is essential in this case. Dynamic relaxation exercises should be practiced daily to create and maintain this abstinence dynamic. And as soon as a desire arises, these same exercises become a beneficial tool, without any contraindication for the mother or the child. Exercises that the mother can easily reproduce whatever the place, time or situation.

As sophrology works breathing, muscle relaxation and mental imagery, it is likely that a program dedicated to smoking cessation can have positive repercussions during pregnancy for both the mother and the child.