Sophrology to replace procrastination in productivity!

The procrastination, this tendency to procrastinate, is not new and concerns a good number of people. And yes, who hasn’t already put off doing laundry until the next day? However, people who procrastinate, nicknamed them procrastinators, can sometimes shift a task to several weeks. Even if, everyone claims to have already procrastinate many times in his life, there are different ways and different degrees of procrastination. Indeed, there are people who will simply postpone the task they will have to do for a few hours, while others will take several weeks before getting their hands dirty. And the consequences can sometimes be thought-provoking, whether for the procrastinator or for his professional and/or personal entourage.

When a procrastinator works in a team and postpones his share of the work, this can indeed impact the whole team, which risks seeing his behavior with a bad eye. Indeed, in the eyes of others, the procrastination is often seen as idleness2. And this behavior can also impact the personal life of procrastinators who postpone everyday tasks (shopping, laundry, cleaning) to the next day. In addition to impacting his daily life (poor hygiene of life, etc.), this can also have consequences on his relations with those close to him. Those who live with a procrastinator can quickly become annoyed by his behavior, which they perceive as a lack of respect. Indeed, the fact that the procrastinator not doing the dishes, for example, can be perceived as a lack of interest among relatives, who will decide to do it themselves. Relationships are therefore likely to be impacted.