The mobile application which offers to treat tinnitus

Revolution in the field of new technologies, the new application developed by French researchers promises its users to treat their tinnitus. Simple gadget or real virtual therapy? Sophro Actu invites you to take stock of the subject.

Become an actor in your healing. This is what the creators of the project offer Tuning fork, a mobile app which would allow for a diagnosis and relieve tinnitus. A promise that will certainly not fall on deaf ears, especially since tinnitus would affect many French people. A quarter of them are indeed affected, according to the Ipsos Institute, or three million people in France.

Developed by the start-up Immersive Therapy, the application currently only offers the “diagnosis” part, which does not aim to replace the diagnosis established by an ENT specialist. The “treatment” part will only be available next spring for € 50 / month.


To develop this tool, the designers started from the observation that a good number of patients felt helpless in the face of their tinnitus and in the face of little treatments they have to overcome it. Interesting initiative, but can a simple application overcome a disorder as diverse as tinnitus?

simple heady noises for some, real parasites for others, tinnitus can be experienced very differently from one person to another. The causes of this pathology can also be multiple: physiological disorder or psychological shock are in general at the origin of the appearance of these extraneous noise. Specialists generally recommend multiple management to relieve patients.

Today, the responses to tinnitus are, in fact, few. And much more than just hearing discomfort, tinnitus is sometimes the cause of various disorders such asanxiety, the depression where the sleeping troubles. Many tinnitus patients are therefore offered a medication management (anxiolytics, antidepressants, sleeping pills, etc.) to reduce disorders associated with the pathology.

But for several years now, more and more specialists have been recommending their patients alternative methods to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus. Sophrology is one of the new non-medicinal methods proposed by the medical profession to improve the well-being of patients. More and more sophrologists train and specialize to work in collaboration with multidisciplinary teams.

Because the method makes it possible to work on all aspects of the pathology: both on noise but also on all the associated disorders. The simplicity and accessibility of its techniques also allow tinnitus patients to gain real autonomy to manage their tinnitus on a daily basis.

In addition to providing concrete tools to reduce symptoms, sophrology sessions also offer tinnitus essential listening times to help them regain well-being daily.

The program Télé Matin focused on the interest of sophrology in the fight against tinnitus. Sophro Actu invites you to discover the chronicle on video: