Is confinement driving you crazy? Here are some tips to get better

The stress generated by an indefinite confinement combined with the fear of facing an illness have a strong impact on our balance. Today, we’re bringing you some tips for maintaining good mental health during confinement.

1) Physical activity is essential for maintaining mental health. Even at home, do not hesitate to put on music and dance or to follow sophrology or yoga sessions online.

2) Respect for the hours of sleep is also essential. Confined, of many people spend the night watching TV and end up disrupting their biological clock.

3) Eat a healthy diet. A diet rich in sugar or based on frozen meals upsets your digestion, affects sleep and increases a possible state of uneasiness.

4) Try engaging in fun activities and doing enjoyable things like reading, watching a series or doing online lessons, right now lots of courses are available for free.

5) It is important to avoid negative thoughts. Avoid spending all of your days reading, talking and listening to information about the epidemic. Take the opportunity to recharge your batteries with beneficial readings and activities.