Cyber ​​bullying: sophrology to the rescue of adolescents

Free speech thanks to sophrology

Although awareness campaigns are multiplying in schools to fight cyberbullying, it is still particularly difficult for a teenager to break the silence in the face of this phenomenon. Shame or fear of being judged prevent him from confiding in his loved ones. For fear of worrying or disappointing, a young victim will sometimes prefer to keep quiet rather than denounce the facts that she experiences daily.

More often than not, parents, concerned about their child’s attitude, decide to follow suit and turn to a professional. Sophrologists are increasingly called upon to support adolescents subject to this type of problem. For adolescents, this follow-up allows them to feel supported, while retaining their autonomy and their thirst for freedom. The reassuring frame and non-judgmental attitude of the sophrologist are particularly suitable because they allow the victim to speak and help him put words on what he is experiencing. This key step also allows him toevacuate emotional overload that weighs on her, and will help her, thereafter, to calm down more easily.

Sophrology to appease the fears of the adolescent

A teenage victim of cyberbullying is usually in a state of extreme anxiety. He may be led to develop a form of ultra vigilance which results in exacerbated reactivity (startles, crying, anxiety attacks, etc.). Repeated assaults force the youngster to set up defense mechanisms, which can in the long run harm his personal development. To protect themselves from the outside world – perceived as hostile – the adolescent will sometimes seek to isolate himself from it, even if it means withdrawing into himself. In the most extreme cases, the adolescent will develop anxieties that are difficult to channel, or even social phobia.