Find quality sleep with sophrology

Sleep problems affect nearly one in two people, especially during anxiety-provoking periods like the start of the new school year in September. To help you get quality sleep, Alain Lancelot carried out a complete sophrology session adapted to sleeping troubles.

Quality sleep, or rather restful sleep. The sophrologist, Alain Lancelot, explains why it is so important to sleep well, especially to allow the body to repair its cells, especially those present in the brain.

To find sleep, Alain Lancelot indicates that it is necessary learn to let go with his thoughts, which during the day numbered 60,000. According to the sophrologist fromschool of Catherine Aliotta, you have to be able to detach yourself from it to promote the sleep state you so longed for. Thoughts that can also occur in sleep and that, when mismanaged, are likely to trigger insomnia.


The sophrology session begins with the shoulder pumping exercise which aims to release tension, and continues with a visualization centered on the ritual of bedtime.

Watch the sophrology session performed by Alain Lancelot now: