Sophrology effective in relieving tinnitus

More and more ENT doctors are recommending sophrology to their tinnitus patients. It is that the method appears to be one of the rare effective techniques to counter the symptoms of this pathology which is difficult to live with on a daily basis.

1 in 4 French people suffer fromtinnitus in France. If the cause of these extraneous noise Sometimes difficult to identify, it is now possible to measure their intensity in order to offer patients suitable solutions.

In the absence of effective treatment to stop this pathology, sophrology remains one of the most recommended techniques to reduce its symptoms. Because, in addition to causing real hearing discomfort on a daily basis, tinnitus is at the origin of the appearance of various associated disorders such as ’anxiety, the sleeping troubles, or the depression.


The C8 channel devoted a complete chronicle to this disease which affects many French people. During her report, you can see the sophrologist Catherine Aliotta, also author of the Sophrology and Tinnitus Practical Manual, carry out a session adapted to this issue.

Sophro Actu invites you to discover the whole of this column below:

video sophrology and tinnitus