Sophrology aims to make you independent

Have you ever hesitated to start counseling with a therapist for fear of becoming dependent on him? Find out in this article why you shouldn’t be afraid of being dependent on your sophrologist!

Sophrology is a simple technique.

There are two kinds of sophrology exercises which are built around 3 elements: controlled breathing, muscle contraction / relaxation and visualization.

Stress management, concentration, pain management, fear management, self-confidence … All of these questions can be greatly improved by using these 3 elements.

The difference between you and a sophrologist is that the latter has received training and has experience allowing him to build tailor-made support that will allow you to use your own resources to better manage your problems.

But yes, you read that correctly: it is about using your own resources. Through the different exercises and the different sessions, the sophrologist will guide you so that you put your ability to breathe, to relax and to visualize at the service of the management of your problem.

These resources are, and always have been, within you.

From the moment you learn how to use it (which can be done in 5, 8, 12 sessions depending on the case) there is no reason to continue to consult the sophrologist indefinitely.

Sophrology is therefore a technique that aims to make you autonomous in using your own resources. It is a great joy for a sophrologist to see you leave with a smile, having achieved the goal you have set for this support.

For this reason, sophrologu is not a technique that makes you dependent, on the contrary, it reveals your own potential !

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