Sophrology and back to school –, all the latest sophrology news

Like every year, September rhymes for many with excitement. The end of the vacation is combined with the return to work, the start of the school year, the payment of taxes and the good resolutions that we inflict on ourselves. Convinced that this year, we will finally be able to quit smoking, get back into sport, stop snacking between meals and stop moaning when our life partner has not stopped the tube of toothpaste.

For this, the press offers us at the end of each summer an inexhaustible source of tips and tricks to properly face this tidal wave that is back to school and at least hold until Christmas. Fateful date since after the log, the new year arrives and its share also of good resolutions.

And if this year, we were more interested in our dear blond heads. Because just because they are trapped in school does not mean that they too do not need a big boost.


Parents are stressed by their daily rhythm, but for a few years, this worrying and scary word of stress has been taken up also by the youngest. And the start of the school year and the school environment can lead to disorders in the child that also deserve to be supported.

Anxiety and stress related to rhythm, the desire to do well or the fear of evaluations. Sleep, behavioral problems. Anxiety linked to change, novelty and learning disabilities. These are all issues for which sophrology is also suitable for children. *

A session time often shorter and more fun than for the adolescent or adult, and which again, in a few sessions, can provide concrete solutions to allow the child to cope with his stress, his anxieties which prevent him from living well the time he spends at school.

The sophro reflex at the start of the school year is also for the youngest!


* Sophrology and Childhood, Practical manual – Catherine Aliotta, InterEditions