Sophrology using people suffering from tinnitus

Some people describe buzzing, others whistle or hiss. Sophrology cannot suppress tinnitus, but allows you to learn to live with it and reduce the stress they induce.

Thetinnitus is a message sent by neurons that the brain interprets as sound. Sophrology with these different exercises, but especially those of relaxation, will act directly on the nervous system. It will also allow the patient to get used to the noise, to pay no more attention to it and also to modify the perception of pain.

A sophrology exercise to do at home


You can take refuge in a bubble of silence to decrease the intensity of your tinnitus.
Inhale and raise your arms horizontally, wrists bent and palms facing outward.
Hold your breath and wiggle your wrists from right to left (like wipers), then exhale, relaxing the muscles.
Repeat this movement 3 times.
Then stretch and draw with your arms an imaginary bubble of silence.
Whenever you feel bodily tensions due to tinnitus, take refuge in this bubble in which you feel good and safe without the noises reaching you.

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